The Barrel...

  • Ultra bright LEDs light up barrel of Lightning Blaster Pro-LED when trigger is pulled
  • Blasts up to 10 water beads per second
  • Water Beads travel up to 200 feet per second

The Magazine...

  • Holds 325+ 7.5mm water beads
  • Easy Loading
  • High quality, heavy duty plastic to withstand wear and tear

The Stock...

  • The Lightning Blaster Pro-LED has a collapsible, folding stock offering another way to play with a unique look.
  • Folding stock also allows for easier storage.

Trigger Settings...

  • 3 different trigger settings
  • Safe Mode does not allow the blaster to be fired
  • Semi-automatic mode blasts one water bead each time the trigger is pulled
  • Full-automatic mode sends up to 10 rounds per second while the trigger is held down