For these or any other questions please contact support at 1-800-920-0098 between 8:00a-5:00p CST Monday-Thursday or 8:00a-4:00p CST Fridays.

The recommended age of use for these blasters is 14+

Pour one pack of 500 beads into the provided hydrator bottle and fill with water. Soak beads for 4 hours to fully hydrate to 7.5mm. Failure to soak long enough can cause beads to be too small and not burst on contact or not fire from blaster at all.

The Lightning Blaster Pro-LED has only been tested for use with Lightning Blaster PRO-LED 7.5mm ammo. Use of anything other than 7.5mm certified ammo can cause the blaster to not function properly or even damage the blaster, voiding the warranty.

Lightning Blaster PRO-LED water beads can stay hydrated indefinitely if left soaking in water. Beads can also be rehydrated by soaking in water again for 4 hours.

If beads are not bursting on impact, they may not have been hydrated long enough and need to be soaked in water until fully hydrated.

If your blaster is making normal sounds but will not fire ammo please check to make sure you are using the correct 7.5mm certified ammo and that the beads were properly hydrated for 4 hours. Under hydrated beads and incorrect ammo are usually the cause for lack of firing.

The magazine has a flip top lid where ammo is fed into the unit. When no longer using, make sure the magazine is put away empty, as left over beads can dehydrate inside and cause the magazine to gum up and become defective. Left over beads can be removed by opening the lid and shaking out excess beads. There is also a small switch at the top of the magazine that can be depressed to release any beads remaining in the feeder tube.

If your battery will not hold a charge, has broken wires, or any other visible damage DO NOT USE and dispose of properly. A new battery can be purchased or if under warranty, replaced.

The Lightning Blaster Pro-LED come with a 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects.

The blaster warranty will be void if it is taken apart, painted, abused, or otherwise modified. Use of non-certified Lightning Blaster PRO-LED water beads or other non-certified accessories will void the warranty as well.

Please call 800-920-0098 for any additional questions or issues.