Lightning Blaster PRO-LED

Experience the newest in backyard fun! Now with 3 Super Bright LEDs that Light Up Day or Night!

Blast everything in your path with the Lightning Blaster PRO-LED at up to 10 water beads per second. It’s easy-load magazine holds 325 soft water beads.

This KIT includes:

– Lightning Blaster PRO-LED
– 5,000 7.5mm Dehydrated Water Beads
– Easy-Load Bottle Holds 500 Beads
– Water Activated Target
– 1300mAh Rechargeable Battery
– USB Charging Cable
– Protective Eyewear
– 325 Round Magazine


– Folding Stock
– Full Auto, Semi Auto, and Safety Modes
– Chamber Slide Clear
– Accessory Mounts
– Muzzle Velocity 200 Feet per Second


Just flip open the lid of the magazine and pour in the fully hydrated 7.5mm Lightning Blaster PRO-LED water beads. Magazine holds 325 rounds.


Place the full magazine into the receiver slot on the Lightning Blaster PRO-LED.


Line up the front and rear sights to aim at your target.


Using the mode selector, switch to either semi-automatic or full-automatic, pull the trigger, and start blasting away.

Why Lightning Blaster Pro-LED?

The 7.5mm Lightning Blaster PRO-LED water beads are non-toxic and non-staining. Beads burst on impact and disappear once dried, making clean-up a snap.

Unlike any other water bead blaster on the market, a set of 3 ultra bright LEDs light up the translucent Lightning Blaster PRO-LED when the trigger is pulled.

The Lightning Blaster PRO-LED is constructed with sturdy, high quality translucent polymer which gives the blaster a cool and unique look unlike any other blaster on the market.

The stock of the Lightning Blaster PRO-LED collapses and folds in at the push of a button allowing for another cool and unique way to play and saves space when stored.

The Lightning Blaster PRO-LED runs on a powerful 7.4V rechargeable lithium ion battery. Charges quickly and easily with provided USB charging cable so you don’t have to waste money replacing conventional batteries. Charged battery provides hours of fun.

Get outside and get active with your friends and family. The Lightning Blaster PRO-LED Water Bead Blaster Kit provides everything you need for hours of fun. Makes a great gift!

WARNING: Do not paint, brandish, or otherwise modify Lightning Blaster PRO-LED to look like an actual firearm. Do not aim at or shoot people, vehicles, or animals. Do not take Lightning Blaster PRO-LED to any schools or federal properties.